PSI Madison Pushkin Scholars

“Pushkin Scholars” is a unique financial aid and educational advancement opportunity offered to graduates of the Pushkin Summer Institute. With our detailed knowledge of students who participate in the PSI we are in a strong position to advocate for the most successful and hard working among them to gain admission to UW-Madison and become eligible for Pushkin Scholars financial aid packages. Each year the administration of the PSI works closely with the Admissions and Financial Aid offices at the University to admit and fund our most promising program graduates. Once admitted to UW-Madison, PSI grads normally continue their Russian study in our nationally recognized Flagship program, which places our students on a fast track to professional language competence and a broad array of exciting in-country travel, internships, and career opportunities.

Andrew Carrera

Andrew Carrera

My name is Andrew Carrera. I am about to begin my second year at UW-Madison. I am the first to go to school in another state out of 4 siblings. PSI helped me do better with Russian language while I was at Pritzker College Prep and now I attend UW-Madison because of the PSI program. My time during the program in 2016 was amazing, and I was able to enjoy Russian with new friends. Since we lived in Leopold Hall, I was able to experience living away from home on a college campus for the first time. As a Badger, I am enjoying college and trying to have fun while learning. PSI helped me get into college and now I am experiencing PSI as a counselor so young students can get the same opportunity I did.

Gustavo Marquez

Gustavo MarquezMy name is Gustavo Marquez. I was in Pushkin Summer Institute (PSI)in 2016. It was such a great experience to be able to visit a college campus while taking intensive summer Russian classes that would resemble what I would do in college. Being a badger is such a fulfilling opportunity, and I am currently continuing what I started at PSI by being a part of the Russian flagship program and hopefully be able to major in Russian. I would not have been given this opportunity if it were not for PSI.

Jennifer Caraballo

Jennifer CaraballoMy name is Jennifer Caraballo, and I was part of the Pushkin Summer Institute in 2016, which is still one of the most influential summers of my life. Through the program, I was able to develop writing and language skills that I still apply to my life as a college student. The program exposed me to and helped me prepare for college-like courses. Through this program, I was able to meet faculty that became a huge support system while applying for college and that continue to support me to this day. I continue to be a part of the Pushkin Summer Institute as an assistant to the On-site director. Thanks to the Pushkin Summer Institute and all of their staff, I was able to fulfill my dream of becoming a badger!

Grissell Erazo

Grissell ErazoMy name is Grissell Erazo and I attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I got the opportunity to participate in the 6 week PSI program in 2016. Aside from learning this rigorous language, the PSI program allowed students to learn the culture as well. This program allowed me to become comfortable in the badger community, so entering as a freshman was a little less scary.  I have continued to study the Russian language and culture at UW-Madison. I am grateful for the opportunity with the PSI program because it allowed me to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Claudia Torres

Claudia TorresMy name is Claudia Torres. I am a rising sophomore studying Russian and Political Science. I attended the PSI program at UW Madison in 2016 and the PSI Abroad program in Latvia in 2017. PSI allowed me to explore outside of my comfort zone and emerge in the Russian language and culture. Studying Russian at UW as a high school student made me realize that this school was for me, which strongly encouraged me to apply. My first year as a badger was challenging, but I was able to grow both as a student and person thanks to my PSI support system. I was introduced to the opportunity of skipping first year Russian to second year and join the Russian Flagship program. Without this amazing program, I would have not found my love for Russian and would have not received the many incredible opportunities I have now. Thank you, PSI!

Annette Pabello

Annette Pabello My name is Annette Pabello. I have participated in PSI for the past two summers, and I am happy to say that they have been the best. My summers consisted of immersion in the Russian language, new experiences, foods, relationships, and so much more. PSI has given me so much more than an opportunity to study Russian over the summer. In the fall, I am more pleased to say that I will attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and there I will further my Russian studies.​

Anthany Carreno

Anthany CarrenoMy name is Anthany Carreno. I am actually from Chicago, Illinois not a suburb around Chicago. Anyway, my experience in PSI has made me consider changing my name to Антон Сережа Карренье. Before I attended PSI in the summer of 2017, I was not at all confident about my Russian. I did not know the alphabet. I lacked confidence which caused me to not read out loud to my peers. This all changed after PSI because I gained the confidence to read out and not worry about anything because people were just as afraid as me about messing up. I also picked up the ability to spell words out because we spoke a lot of Russian during the summer, so I got used to the sounds that the words made and letters they sounded like. I loved my stay at UW-Madison. It was six weeks long, so I got to know the city and school itself. I befriended all the counselors when I attended. These are people that I came to when I was looking at becoming a Badger. They helped. All of them do different things, yet they all had something positive to say about UW. I spent everyday walking from Leopold to Van Hise When I was selecting my schedules, I was thinking about how I would not be able to get to Van Hise or Sewell from Vilas or Grainger in 15 minutes by foot. Also, I love playing basketball. When I play basketball, I yell “That’s you!” or “Go crazy”. Now, I yell “это ты!” and “Сходи с ума”. I love that I can incorporate what I am learning with what I love.

Abril Pereznegron

Abril Pereznegron My name is Abril and I am a first year student at UW- Madison. What made PSI more than just a summer Russian program was the importance of culture. Six weeks initially felt like a long time, but as we were exposed to Russian music, dance, food, and poetry, the six weeks flew by. All the PSI students were able to connect with each other as we learned about the Russian culture. All the staff was so welcoming from day 1 and that massively helped with being homesick. Within days it felt as if we had created another home together. Though initially being scared about the course work, I learned to love challenging myself everyday. In every class I learned something different, which was through engaging activities. Whether it was drawing, singing, dancing, or simply talking, our Russian skills were tested in the most entertaining way possible.The students, the environment, and most importantly, the staff made my college decision easy. By the end of PSI I knew that my heart would always belong to UW.

Sandy Cortez

Sandy CortezWhen I first made the decision to join the Pushkin summer program, I was unsure. I only went there to improve my Russian but little did I know this experience was going to shape where I am today. Not only did I improve on my Russian but I had the opportunity to integrate myself into a completely different culture. I still remember making my first Russian pancakes and folk dancing. Now, I am studying abroad in Latvia. The foods I learned about in class are now set upon my table. I grow confidence every time I order food in a Russian restaurant or when I call my host mom on the phone. I am still learning so much but I know that these experiences will help me through college. Whether that is raising my hand during a lecture or joining a club. I want to thank PSI for the amazing opportunities and support they have for their students.