All Pushkin Summer Institute Abroad students are placed with host families who live near the Learn Russian in the EU building.  Once assignments have been made, you will not be able to switch residences, except under extenuating circumstances.

Room furnishings include a bed, bed linens, pillow, blanket, towels, a table, a chair, and storage space. All host families also provide free Internet access. Laundry is available in host family apartments for use once a week.

Meals are provided by host families and Learn Russian in the EU. On weekdays, host families provide students with breakfast and dinner. Lunches are provided by Learn Russian in the EU. On weekends, all meals are provided by the host families. Group meals during most excursions are also provided. Additionally, students  receive stipends to cover meals that are not otherwise provided, such as during the transit to/from Chicago and Latvia.

Halle, who participated in the NSLI-Y PSI Abroad program in 2018, shares a blog post about her Latvian host family here.