Who is eligible to participate?

High school students that have completed their junior year in high school, are in current good standing, and have had at least one year of Russian are eligible to participate.  It is anticipated that as the program develops the PSI will be recruiting students for two summers, the first between their junior and senior years and the second between their senior years and their first year if college.

All participants in the PSI-Abroad program must have a U.S. passport that will be valid for three months beyond the end of the program.

How are participants selected?

Participating schools will nominate students studying Russian that meet minimum GPA criteria (both in Russian studies and overall).  Due to the intensive nature of the PSI program, students that demonstrate a genuine interest in Russian studies, that show strong academic potential, that are self-motivated and responsible, and value being part of a diverse learning community will receive strong consideration. Final decisions about the program roster will be made by participating high schools in conjunction with PSI staff.